Le boitierr®: Recycable & Reusable Cosmetic Packaging

A customisable cosmetic packaging designed to continue over time.

PVL Beauté is a French cosmetic package manufacturer, who’s been in the market for 20 years working for big brands. Due to their experience, they thought that the future of sustainable packaging would be something more than just using bioplastic or recycled resins. To them, sustainability could also mean a packaging which would never be thrown.

Their solution had as objective to tackle the main problems of cosmetic brands:

  • Which bin? The plastic one is not possible due to not being all plastic components
  • Retail and travel. Why have several sizes? Why not one size that fits a consumer need?
  • Store all the packaging with different shapes, even those of the same brand?
  • The best waste is the one that it is not produced. Why not a product that grows with & within me?

Taking into account these premises, we began our cmf study to select and research the best materials and our packaging design adapted to the functional and aesthetics requirements (from concept to functional prototype).

Customer: PVL Beauté

Year: 2019

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