Owlbox: Surface design for recycled resins.

Sometimes, post consumer recycled resins are less appreciated due to its lack of visual quality.
This is a project to change that idea.

The idea behind this project was to explore more sustainable cosmetic packaging. To do that, we approached two angles, one was to create incredible textures with no need of paints or varnish. The other angle was the use of post consumer recycled resins.

The inspiration to research textures was how light behaves in nature and space, creating wild combinations. We also wanted to explore the real colors with no parasitic reflect, like when you put a filter on a camera. The result was the light trapping texture which was used in the eyes to create a contrast with the hologram. This light trapping texture, are femtometric holes that absorb the light and impedes that it bounces back creating reflect, making the colors even more deep and natural as they are.

Customer: Roctool

Year: 2019