Drop Cake®, Reutilize ephemeral fashion & retail decoration

We gave life to a new material done from ephemeral decoration & fashion catwalks waste to reutilize as unique pieces for product and interiors.

Ephemeral decoration for fashion catwalks, retail or trade-fairs generate a lot of waste once they are finished. Most of this waste is a colored paper with glass fibers. These glass fibers are responsible for their rigidity and moldability, but it is a huge issue that does not allow the recyclability of this paper. Quite often this paper is shredded and then burnt.

The company was concerned about this material carbon print. Hence, they asked us if we would be able to create other material that could be used on furniture and decoration and be also recycled several times to be used the same way. After some trials and design criteria, the Drop Cake® material was born. A versatile material which is able to generate unique pieces.

Customer: Procedès Chenel

Year: 2020

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