Brick, Giving Fashion a Second Life.

A project to reduce fast fashion carbon footprint by introducing it in a circular economy circuit.

Waste is a big design failure, making fast fashion the biggest failure of all. In fact, did you know that if we pile up together all the clothes thrown away each year we would be able to build a tower 37 times the height of the Empire State? Auchan Retail, is a brand which knows quite well this fact and the problem we are facing. That is the reason why they came to us asking if we could transform these old clothes into a new product in order to solve the issue of thousands of clothes that end in landfills each year.

In collaboration with Euramaterials and Le Relais" a french ONG which helps people in risks of poverty to be employed. We brainstormed not only a material, but also circular economy circuit and its communication in stores.

Customer: Auchan Retail

Year: 2020

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