Sustainable alternative to plastic & metal coverting

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Interior wall covering and ephemeral decoration are usually done with panels in metal, plastics, MD or some combination of them. What happens to them once all this decoration is not in use anymore? They go to the bin.

The reason why we launched the R&D and design process with a partner, is the big quantity of decorative waste produced once trade fairs are over. All of our team members have our share of events like this and we were always amazed by the huge quantity of panels and similar structures that ended in the bin.

These panels, want to be an alternative to this issue. Done as an agglomerate of waste wood, they have no phenolic resins, but they are flexible enough to create shapes. What is even better their surface can be printed with realistic finishes. Another positive point is that they can also be biodegradable or reusable depending of the type of ink used.

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