We are emotional.
We are sensorial

We think that CMF design is the "physical" UX design.

CMF is the acronym of "Color, material & surface finish design". Is a discipline that begins with in depth trend researchs and consumer behavior studies.

As a result of these studies we obtain a color, materials and surface design strategy in order to create a sucessfull product. Below these lines we explain more about this design methodology.

Why CMF Design Matters?

Why should you include it in your design process?


Of the information that our brain processes comes from our five senses. We are very sensorial beings, therefore in the short duration of this interaction we should create a positive reaction.


This is the weight which that short interaction has in a consumer purchase decision. As you can see, short distance interaction matter the most and a good cmf design strategy is an straight road to sucess.

Therefore CMF skills includes

  • Color Design & Development
  • Material Development & Research
  • Surface & Finish Design
  • Strategy, Technology Development
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Storytelling & Marketing

How is a cmf design process?

How do you work?


Customer Behavior

Before anything else we need to understand the target market and consumer. What are their needs? How do they interact with society, products and their surroundings?...Understand the trends is the base to plannifying a cmf design strategy.


Problem Analysis

Once all these question and the in depth trend analysis and consumer behavior are finished, we will have a result the problems that are in need of solutions. Thus we begin to plan the best cmf strategy.


Design Solution

Like all design methodology, with the problem comes also the solution. This cmf solution, comes in the shape of moodboards, materials and technology scouting among many others.


Innovation and Research

Most of the time the perfect solutions does not exists. Therefore, an iterative research and innovation process must be put in place. That is why we identify the best technological partners so we are able to manufacture the intended solution.


Prototyping & Testing

Before launching a product to the market, some prototypes are needed. These prototypes are then tested to receive feedback and improve the design. Sounds familiar? Indeed is like digital ux, the difference is that we use specials tools to do tests.


Product Launch

The finish line, our product is ready to be launched. So, we help our customers with the storytelling and marketing strategy more adapted to their targets.

Be it digital or physical, all products need a great ux professional

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