We are material alchemists.

But above all we are
pragmatic creatives
ready to help you.

Material Scout

Product or packaging, the material is the element that will allow you to stand out from the competition. We identify for you the materials and technologies that adapt to your technical, functional and aesthetic requirements. At the end of our service you will have a file with all the information you need to get started.

Starts at 6000€
(price w/no taxes)

Product|CMF Design

Our transversal know-how allows us to support you throughout the development of a product, from the initial ideation to industrialization (sketches, 3D, 2D, CGI, technical documentation, etc.) Our personalized moodboards suggest colours, materials and surface finishes to give your products and packaging a boost.

Starts at 10000€
(price w/no taxes)


With a tailor-made sustainable development strategy and according to our customer’s needs. We help them to create eco-designed solutions. Revalorization of waste, recycling, upcycling, circular materials, 3R design, etc. Thanks to our know-how and network we make sustainable design a reality.

Starts at 20000€
(price w/no taxes)

This is "your" team of material alchemists.

Olivier Jourdan

Olivier Jourdan

An experienced industrial designer. He has been a lecturer at several design and engineering schools for years. At the same time, he has been working as freelance designer for decades. Also, he is one of the pioneers of the CMF design in France.


Noemí Cortizas

Noemi Cortizas

A industrial designer and engineer with several interests (material research, chemics, mechanics, art, ...). She is a creative mind with a strong technical background and a decade of experience creating transversal and sparkling design for brands & OEM's worldwide.


Léa Ingold

Lea Ingold

Between architecture and structural engineering, photography (above and underwater) and wine. She is a versatile entrepreneur who is always able to think out of the box an come up with new ideas."Challenge" is her leitmotiv.


Sebastien Lacasa

Sebastien Lacasa

A computer engineer by training, who is specialized in project management. Self-taught, passionate about 3D printing and new ecological materials, for many years now, it has proven itself in the professional field.


To be able to work in turnkey projects
we collaborate with this talented people.

Francisco Iglesias

Francisco Inglasieas

He is a graphic designer with fresh and impactful ideas. He is the man behind some of the most successful marketing campaings and disruptive branding (Bico de Xeado, Fergo, Chevere, Aiment etc).


Nuria Carballo
(Unconventionnal London)

Francisco Inglasieas

She is a creative director and thinker with an international cross-sector expertise profile as a trend researcher creating bold concepts and ideas worldwide. Among her works there are projects for brands like Timberland, Chanel, Evian, Heineken, Abengoa, Acciona.


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