A transversal design team.

Our skills allows us to work in all the stages of a product.



From the study of your product carbon print to the implementation and follow up of a green transition. Thank to our skills we can help your company or product identify points of improvement and guide you to do it.



Be it industrial or color, materials and finish design. We explore the project from all the possible angles, to guarantee a product that will attract customers.



We are able to work as innovation managers or materials and technology researchers. We connect brands with awesome partners around the world and manage the R&D process. Tell us your vision, we will do the rest.


Trends Watch

Technology & society evolve fast and we know that innovation takes its time. Hence, we are always scouting the best technologies and understanding the shifts in the market, to be sure that what we do is a success when it is launched.


Good design thinking could be also integrated into a company's workflow. Therefore, sometimes we organize workshops for our customers or create material & design spaces inside our customer's building for all employees to share or enjoy.

Visual Communication

Sometimes conveying a design idea is not easy, that is even more true for surfaces finishes and material. That is why we offer rendering & visual communications services to help you communicate your vision to stakeholders, customers or consumers.

Who are we?

Noemi Cortizas

Noemi has studies in industrial engineering, product and cmf design which have been complemented with a training in innovation management . With more than 10 years of experience working in transversal roles, she has developed a keen eye to find innovative solutions. She's also an all rounder profile who can work from the initial design concept till prototyping and final manufacturing.

Olivier Jourdan

Oliver is a designer and a maker with more than 30 years of experience. He was one of the pionrer designers that advocated to approach the design with materials in mind from the beginning and not something you add later in the process. This approach led him to collaborate not only with design agencies and companies as a freelancer advisor, but also as a guest teacher at several renowned french design & engineering schools.

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